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Grzebik Design Group


The Grzebik Design Group is a full service consulting firm specializing in all aspects of sound, acoustics and video design.  Our team will work with you from design conception through the bid process, installation, final inspections and user training.  Our expertise in CAD drafting, Acoustical modeling, Live and Studio production, Installed systems and Project management combine to produce creative, economical and realistic solutions.


Whether designing a new facility from the ground up, working to improve intelligibility and visual impact in an older problematic venue, or revamping and modernizing an existing facility, Grzebik Design Group will be a valuable partner.



Sound Design encompasses the selection and placement of everything from microphones, mixing boards and production intercoms to of course loudspeaker systems. 

MaxxTech11 Second Baptist Church Houston

Production Facility Design

 Whether you have an A/V Production room, Recording Studio, Broadcast Studio or Rehearsal Spaces GDG will work with you to determine the best use, layout and interior design for a given space.

MaxxTech11 Second Baptist Church Houston

Interior Acoustical Design

The design of interior acoustics, how your room sounds, is often thought of as equal parts science, art and real world practical experience. 

MaxxTech11 Second Baptist Church Houston

Speech Intelligibility

Through the use of 3D acoustic models, we are able to predict intelligibility (STI or CIS) during the design phase of a project. 

R J Reynolds Auditorium_1085t.jpg

GDG provides testing services for System Integrators, Contractors, Facility Owners/Operators and various Government Agencies.  Each testing program and written report is customized to meet specific needs or written specification.  

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Noise is a concern at some level on nearly all projects.  While hypercritical in broadcast/production/recording environments, projects such as school classrooms or worship spaces can also be greatly harmed by poor performing systems. 

Spacious Hall

The impact of large, clear video presentations is undeniable. From basic digital sinage to video walls to and projection systems of all sizes GDG can help transform your space.

Union Station.jpg

GDG has the expertise to create spaces that work well for their intended purpose and are not over spec’d, creating build and budget problems. 

High Contrast Staircase
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